FIELDS Supplier Heating Solutions International Named Best Company for Sustainable Heating Solutions

The National Business Success Institute of The Netherlands has named Heating Solutions International the best company for sustainable heating solutions; FIELDS is Heating Solutions International’s only distributor in the United States. The company supplies economical, environment-friendly and high efficiency heating solutions for residential housing, building, sport fields, infrastructure, roofs and agriculture.

This cutting-edge technology was installed for the first time in the United States by FIELDS at Michigan State University’s baseball and softball fields. With wintertime comes low temperatures, meaning playing conditions on the fields are less than optimal. This technology helps MSU’s baseball and softball teams to get outside much earlier in the season.

In the past, the team has had to move or cancel games because of frozen field conditions and now that is no longer a problem. Brian Storm, President & CEO of FIELDS explains, “Players are able to practice outdoors rather than staying indoors, so this field experience helps them reach their fullest potential a lot earlier.”

“Despite the fact that Heating Solutions International is a relatively small enterprise, it is still the world leader in the field of IR heating systems,” according to Robert Zwaan, head of the nomination committee for the National Business Success Institute.

Storm continues, “Heating Solutions International chose us as their sole American distributor because of our vast experience installing heated fields. We’re thrilled to be the first company bringing this exciting technology to the United States.”