Sports Park Construction, Renovation & Maintenance Services

FIELDS is a Sports General Contractor: field builder, sports park construction, lighting, concrete, fencing, bleachers, multi-use field installation – we do it all! Typical FIELDS sports park construction and installation projects include:

  • Football fields

  • Baseball fields

  • Soccer fields

  • Rugby fields

  • Field hockey fields

  • Running tracks

  • Lacrosse fields

  • Complete athletic field renovations

  • Sports field maintenance programs

“Best in class” is just as the name implies. When you award your projects to FIELDS, you know that there is no better sports construction company in the industry that can compete on quality and delivery at your negotiated price.

We have built a reputation on being the best resource you will have ever worked with. In building that reputation, we never cut corners or offer anything less than what you are expecting.

We make it a standard business practice to offer recommendations such as how to improve your project without added costs and how to provide value-added services as a means to maximize your return on investment.

Our value proposition is to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of you, our clients, and to do it in a cost-competitive and timely manner.

To those ends, our clients will attest to the quality of our work by our offering of end-to-end solutions to their needs through our:

Sports Park Construction

  • Sister organizations

  • Technical competencies

  • Quality commitment

  • Professional project management

  • Technology applications

  • Safety standards

  • Maintenance programs

  • Concern for the environment

Technical Competencies & Equipment

Due to our staff’s experience and the projects we have completed to date, we have an exceptional background in the technical competencies associated with all aspects of sports parks and athletic complex construction projects.

  • Drainage systems

  • Air vacuum and pressure systems

  • Hydronic heating systems for both fields and hardscapes

  • Natural, hybrid natural/synthetic and synthetic turf

  • Electric heating systems

  • Site landscape planting

  • Irrigation systems

  • Architectural pavement and hardscaping

  • Site furnishings

  • Earthmoving

  • Post-installation and long-term maintenance programs and consulting

Technical-EquipmentIn addition to our modern fleet of trucks and equipment, our mechanics and superintendents have designed and fabricated a wide range of custom, one-of-a-kind implements and attachments to enhance the productivity of existing tractors, trenchers, excavators, and conveyors for both unique and everyday construction tasks.

Quality Commitment

Quality CommitmentQuality is our utmost concern, beginning at the submittals and shop drawings phase, extending to the procurement phase and continuing all the way through the balance of your project. All supporting documentation requested in the construction documents – including the product literature, samples, mockups and shop drawings – are submitted for your review.

Manufactured items are reviewed from catalog cut-sheets through technical specifications. Commodities, both organic and inorganic – including soil amendments, mulches, topsoil, gravel, sand, peat and geotextile fiber fabrics – are reviewed from lab test results, sieve analyses and other related testing. Once this is accomplished, all of these items are again inspected on your site to determine if the tested samples are in agreement with your project specifications and our own standards of performance.

Project Management

Project-ManagementOur experience suggests that each sports field has unique concerns that directly impact the success of the project. Our Manager guarantees that any of these quality considerations are accommodated on the project. These considerations can include a variety of specific solutions.

All work begins with the assembly of budgets and cost estimates. The application of technology thus begins within our Preconstruction Services Department.

Project Managers have access to portable laptop computers for use at the individual project sites. These individuals use critical path scheduling software as well as project documentation and cost tracking software.

In addition, each FIELDS satellite jobsite is computerized and linked to our corporate office network through the Internet. The resulting level of interconnectivity allows staff to share real-time data, review project status, and communicate via e-mail both internally and with customers as needed.


SafetyThe safety and well-being of our clients, the general public and our employees is of paramount importance to our operation. It is our specific intent to operate in compliance with all state and federal safety guidelines, regulations and statutes.

The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) best exemplifies safety. FIELDS’ EMR ranks among the best in the construction industry.

Our safety training program commences with the training of new hires from our comprehensive, published safety manual. Training continues with periodic in-service training that takes place throughout our staff members’ careers. Each employee has achieved OSHA 10- and 30-hour certifications. Our environmental safety procedures are in compliance with all state and federal legislation.


SustainabilityFIELDS is dedicated to operating in an environment of integrity, respect for our communities and preservation of our environment. We endeavor to be a responsible corporate steward of our natural resources and honor client desires to conduct their projects using eco-friendly practices. We are actively engaged in researching new processes, emerging technologies and environmentally sound materials to ensure that we comply with our clients’ sustainability goals and environmental policies and legislation.


MaintenanceWe understand what your sports fields need when it comes to maintaining a professionally built and installed sports park application.

FIELDS prides itself on maintaining sports parks of distinction that provide the highest quality of play. We have a dedicated maintenance team with years of experience, extensive training, and exceptional knowledge of all natural grass and synthetic turf installations and maintenance.

Our maintenance plans ensure surface consistency for exceptional playability. Allowing FIELDS to provide for your maintenance needs lessens the likelihood of warranty issues and major repairs during the warranted life of your field. We use only the most up-to-date and professionally built maintenance equipment – using this kind of specialized technology is recommended for maintaining your field or fields.

FIELDS is accustomed to handling sports complex and multi-sport park projects. Our custom-designed maintenance programs will save you labor and material costs while giving you a facility that is second to none. Our ability to structure long-term agreements coupled with our national buying power affords you, our client, the economy of scale that can be achieved only by the largest of customers.


Our new technology group, FIELDS Apps, is responsible for “pushing the window” on the application of new technology solutions for sports parks construction and operations. A number of systems have already been developed by FIELDS Apps to address client needs. FIELDS has patents covering its intellectual property regarding systems that are currently being installed for clients such as you.

Field Turf Heating

At FIELDS, our team is dedicated to Creating Sports Parks of Distinction … and that includes identifying and providing customized solutions for heating your turf or synthetic fields.

FIELDS’ hydronic and electric heating technology helps improve playing conditions for athletes on the field during colder months to improve player safety and performance. Our technology has numerous installation advantages and can be in operation only when needed to maximize energy cost savings throughout the year.

We are proud of the results our heating technology has provided our partners around the country, including Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

If your sports field or complex has special heating needs, please allow the FIELDS team to talk to you about how we can help answer your needs and create your Sports Park of Distinction.

Solar Power

Solar PowerFIELDS has utilized solar panels on scoreboards and on the roofs of outbuildings and concession stands as a means of generating electrical power for a number of structure/equipment needs.

Field Turf Cooling

Field Turf CoolingFIELDS Apps has created a customized solution for cooling your synthetic turf field. Our unique, patented cooling technology utilizes a combination of geothermal cooling and geothermal assist systems to cool a field. Our finished product creates cooling zones on the field up to six feet from the ground that will help with greater player safety and performance.

FIELDS cooling technology has numerous installation advantages and can be in operation only when needed to maximize energy cost savings throughout the year.

We are proud of the results our cooling technology has provided our partners around the country.

“We here at The Ripken Experience Myrtle Beach have been pleased with our pilot program of the FIELDS turf cooling system. We currently utilize the system on our recently renovated Griffith Field, which serves as our championship field during our tournaments. Coaches and players have given us positive feedback on the effects of the system for cooling the turf during warm days in Myrtle Beach. FIELDS did an excellent job of installing the system and we hope to be able to utilize the system more in the future on other fields.”Bobby Holland, General Manager, The Ripken Experience (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

If your sports field or complex has special cooling needs, please allow the FIELDS team to talk to you about how we can help answer your needs and create your Sports Park of Distinction.

Relationship Driven

Relationship Driven

Our culture of quality and service is based on the following belief:

The foundation for your and our success is built on the value of the relationship we establish with you.

Because of this belief, we have been able to enjoy significant repeat business from clients like you, for whom we have already built fields and parks. Our ability to earn repeat business is one of many reasons why the FIELDS team is dedicated to providing quality work and outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction is not our goal – it’s our promise!

Maintaining strong, positive relationships and alliances with major construction, manufacturing and design firms in the sports park construction industry have been critical in creating our successes. We endeavor to maximize our design-build partnerships with these firms in our capacity to be sports park designers and/or builders, depending on your needs and how we are brought into the project. Our goal is to be the best of the best in the sports park industry – to work with the best clients, like you, and to work with you through negotiated contracts.

Custom Service Solutions

Custom Service SolutionsWe can provide a total turnkey solution in a field, sports park or athletic complex project, or offer any and/or all services you require. This approach to the business gives us extreme flexibility and you the opportunity to contract us for as much or as little as you need to get the project produced.