Technical Competencies & Equipment

Our staff has exceptional experience in the technical competencies associated with all aspects of sports park and athletic complex construction projects.

In addition to our modern fleet of trucks and equipment, our mechanics and superintendents have designed and fabricated a wide range of custom, one-of-a-kind implements and attachments to enhance the productivity of existing tractors, trenchers, excavators, and conveyors for both unique and everyday construction tasks.

Our value proposition is to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of you, our clients, and to do it in a cost-competitive and timely manner.

  • Natural grass & synthetic turf solutions

  • Drainage systems

  • Earthwork

  • Hydronic heating systems

  • Electric heating systems

  • Site landscape & irrigation

  • Architectural pavement & hardscaping

  • Site furnishings

Quality Commitment

Quality is our utmost concern, beginning at the submittals and shop drawings phase, extending to the procurement phase and continuing all the way through the balance of your project. All supporting documentation requested – including the product literature, samples, mockups and shop drawings – is submitted for your review.

Manufactured items are reviewed from catalog cut-sheets through technical specifications. Commodities, both organic and inorganic – including soil amendments, mulches, topsoil, gravel, sand, peat and geotextile fiber fabrics – are reviewed from lab test results, sieve analyses and other related testing. Once this is accomplished, all of these items are again inspected onsite to determine if the tested samples are in agreement with your project specifications and our own standards of performance.

Project Management

Our experience suggests that each sports field has unique concerns that directly impact the success of the project. Your Project Manager guarantees that any of these quality considerations are accommodated on the project. These considerations can include a variety of specific solutions.

All work begins with the assembly of budgets and cost estimates. The application of technology thus begins within our Preconstruction Services Department. Project managers use critical path scheduling software as well as project documentation and cost tracking software. In addition, each FIELDS satellite jobsite is computerized and linked to our corporate office network through the Internet. The resulting level of interconnectivity allows staff to share real-time data, review project status, and communicate via e-mail both internally and with customers as needed.


FIELDS is dedicated to operating in an environment of integrity, respect for our communities and preservation of our environment. We endeavor to be a responsible corporate steward of our natural resources and honor client desires to conduct their projects using eco-friendly practices.

We are actively engaged in researching new processes, emerging technologies and environmentally sound materials to ensure that we comply with our clients’ sustainability goals, and environmental policies and legislation.


The safety and well-being of our clients, the general public and our employees is of the utmost importance to us. It is our specific intent to operate in compliance with all state and federal safety guidelines, regulations and statutes.

The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) best exemplifies safety, and FIELDS’ EMR ranks among the best in the construction industry.

We have a comprehensive corporate safety plan that’s taken seriously by every member of our team. After initial training for our new hires, education continues with periodic in-service training that takes place throughout our staff members’ careers. Each employee has achieved OSHA 10- and 30-hour certifications. Our environmental safety procedures are in compliance with all state and federal legislation.

Sports Turf

Our proprietary brand of synthetic turf, is currently used by professional sports, colleges and universities, and local communities when these organizations desire the highest performing turf on the market today.

It’s considered a premium product that ensures years of wear and includes one of the highest levels of warranties available. When maximum performance for extended periods of time is sought, Sports Turf offers cost-effective and exceptionally high wearability synthetic turf options.

Field Turf Heating

At FIELDS, our team is dedicated to Building Sports Parks of Distinction … and that includes identifying and providing customized solutions for heating your turf or synthetic fields.

FIELDS’ hydronic and electric heating technology helps improve playing conditions for athletes on the field during colder months to improve player safety and performance. Our technology has numerous installation advantages and can be in operation only when needed to maximize energy cost savings throughout the year.

We are proud of the results our heating technology has provided our partners around the country, including Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. If your sports field or complex has special heating needs, please allow the FIELDS team to talk to you about how we can help answer your needs.

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