• Location: Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Owner: Ripken Youth Academy
  • Contractor: FIELDS
  • Completed: 2010

Scope of Work:

In January 2010, Ripken Youth Academy was in need of additional playing surfaces, but did not have the area available to construct a totally new playing field. Two baseball fields located on site had completely skinned infield sections and were not playable in adverse weather conditions. The academy selected FIELDS to design and build a synthetic turf system to make the fields more functional and to extend the playing season.

When construction was to begin, Aberdeen was blanketed with 36 inches of snow. Determined to meet the completion deadline it had established, FIELDS devised a plan for dealing with the snow and frozen sub-grade. First, roads to the facility had to be cleared to enable materials deliveries, and then FIELDS removed the accumulated snow to begin construction of the new fields. Excavating the infield mix was the first step, followed by laser grading and installation of the drainage system, base aggregate, and concrete turf anchor. FIELDS commenced installation of the artificial turf only two weeks after the original snow conditions existed. Completion of the field base on the first playing area allowed the team to focus on the second field. Again, FIELDS removed snow from the playing surfaces, then followed the same processes as the first field.

FIELDS had all field sections ready for play by the original deadline. Per Ripken personnel, the new fields have allowed the Academy to add events to their program and enabled more tournament play throughout the season. About 1,500 baseball games are played at the facility each year.

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