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Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval


  • Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval

Driver safety in NASCAR is a top priority for everyone who works in the industry. That’s why Charlotte Motor Speedway and Speedway Motors Inc. wanted to introduce something that would minimize the risk of driver injury when a car goes off track and reduce the opportunity for damage to the vehicle as well. Together with turf manufacturer TenCate, we crafted a solution aimed at accomplishing both of these goals.

Prior to the fall race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, over 42,000 square feet of turf was installed on their new ROVAL area of the track. The solution includes a turf that is incredibly durable and contains a fire-retardant chemical. It was installed over a base system designed specifically for this application and adhered to with an adhesive that would prevent the turf from coming loose under most circumstances.

FIELDS Maintenance (our sister company) painted multiple large logos on the turf. It was the equivalent to the amount of paint on two NFL fields. A few weeks later, the logos were removed and the turf was cleaned and groomed to prepare for the spring race. The paint removal process on synthetic turf is much easier with the right paint and equipment.

Charlotte Motor Speedway was the first in the industry to use this proprietary synthetic turf system, where it performed well during race weekend and the testing for the track’s new road course.

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