Sports Fields, Inc. also comprises a number of associated companies all aligned with FIELDS for the creation of sports parks of distinction.

The Sports Force

The Sports ForceThe Sports Force, a sports park pre-construction consultancy and design firm, is now aligned with FIELDS through Sports Fields.

The Sports Force is composed of an extensive list of sports business professionals with experience in all facets of the development and pre-construction phases of the sports parks business, including:

  • Feasibility and economic impact studies
  • Concepting and design
  • Master planning
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Financing alternatives (public and private)
  • Land planning
  • Operational considerations
  • Sports technology applications
  • Sustainability/environmental issues management
  • Project management

Franklin-MP-2011The company has been recognized by numerous organizations for providing solutions that involve every aspect of identifying, validating and designing sports parks, from single fields to entire sports complexes, and from simple field design to comprehensive site projects that, in addition to a variety of sports fields, incorporate supporting parks buildings and structures and associated third-party development opportunities (hotels, retail, housing, etc.).

When coupled with FIELDS, The Sports Force is able to offer a total end-to-end solution, from concept through construction.

Fields Maintenance


Fields Maintenance is a full-service maintenance division established to provide:

  • End-of-project maintenance services for a designated warranty period
  • Ongoing maintenance operations for sports-park governing organizations who seek to outsource maintenance of their new park

Fields MaintenanceClients of FIELDS Maintenance contract for ongoing maintenance programs due to FIELDS being acknowledged by turf manufacturers and professional sports teams alike for its standards of excellence in maintaining natural and synthetic fields.

FIELDS has experience in maintaining fields at all levels of play, and all playing surfaces are maintained to the highest standards while using the most cost-effective techniques. FIELDS’ specially tailored maintenance programs are designed to help owners avoid costly mistakes (such as overuse or improper use) and reduce replacement costs throughout the park.



FIELDS-AppsFIELDS Apps is the technology application group created by Sports Fields, Inc. to design, develop and implement new technology in whatever means it can for the benefit of the sports park owners and operators.

The FIELDS Apps team of engineers and applications professionals have created client solutions including:

  • Field heating for cold weather climates dealing with snow and freezing temperatures
  • Field cooling solutions for hot weather climates where players can be subjected to heat stress associated with elevated temperatures at the playing field surfaces
  • Solar panel utilization for providing solar energy to operate equipment and fixtures and to heat water in concession stands and restroom facilities.

Sports Turf

Sports TurfSports Turf is the FIELDS company that has developed its own brand of synthetic turf, which is currently used by professional sports, colleges and universities, and local communities when these organizations desire the highest performing turf on the market today.

The Sports Turf field is considered a premium product that ensures years of wear and includes one of the highest levels of warranties available. When maximum performance for extended periods of time is sought, Sports Turf offers cost-effective and exceptionally high wearability synthetic turf options.

Sports Force Parks

Sports Force ParksSports Force Parks is the organization created to operate sports parks on behalf of sports complex owners/developers. This group has extensive experience in all facets of a sports park … from marketing the park to player teams to tournament play to ongoing maintenance and operations.

For those organizations that simply want to develop the sports park and are seeking an outsource means to operate the park for the long term, Sports Force Parks can provide the staffing, processes, procedures, systems, and expertise to effectively and efficiently manage the park in a cost-effective and maximizing revenue perspective.